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Frequently Asked Questions


What are nylons?
Nylons are headbands suitable for ALL AGES.  (Newborn-Adult). They come in four different colors to suit your needs.  Some people like them to match skin tones, others like them to match hair color.  Please contact me if you do not see an option that will work for your babe!  

How do the nylons fit?
The nylon headbands are one size fits most.  In my experience they fit well on tiny newborn heads, then can stretch to fit an adult, COMFORTABLY!  These headbands do not leave marks on babies' heads.  The best part about the headbands is that you can wear them all day, without getting the usual headband headache.  I will often forget I have one on.  I strive to find the best quality supplies, and tested several nylons until I found ones to meet my standards.  

What size bow do you recommend for newborns?
This of course, is pretty much personal preference, as some people love a big bow, and others want something more subtle.  I usually recommend the Mini Gracie size for newborns.  

Which style clip stays in the best in fine hair?
Guess what!  The flat clip with a grip, and alligator clips are BOTH great in fine hair!! The choice between the two is mostly personal preference.  If you are having trouble deciding, I am happy to send you an extra clip so that you can try both styles out.  Please leave a note at checkout or message me if you would like this option.  

What does reversible clip mean?
I make all of my bows on reversible clips to allow you to choose which side of the head you would like them to be worn on.  If you want to switch the side, just remove the clip, and slide it back in the other direction.  

Can you make the clips not reversible?  
Yes.  If you would like your bows made to be worn on a certain side, please specify this in your notes to seller at checkout.  PLEASE be specific as this can be confusing.  I.e."I would like the bow to be worn on my daughter's right side (your left side if you are looking at her)"

Can I switch my headbands to clips?
YES!!  As your baby's hair grows, you may find yourself wishing your bows were on clips.  I do not glue headbands in (except on some leather bows, and the pool bow) for this reason.  Just cut the headband, and slide it out of the bow.  Then slide your preferred clip in where the headband was.  

Do you offer headband/clip swaps?
Yes!  I am proud to now offer this option in my shop.  If you would like to purchase this, just select how many headbands you are converting to clips and add to cart.  I charge $1/per headband.  Then send your bows to me. I recommend sending them with tracking! I will begin the conversion upon arrival. Please note, this is only for converting FROM headband TO clips.  

Do you take returns?
Due to the nature of my products, I do not accept returns at this time.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact me to resolve the issue.  I am here for you, and want you to LOVE your Hazel Grace bows!!